Copywriting & subediting

There’s writing, and then there’s writing well. In a world ever-increasingly saturated with words, yours need to work hard for you. I pride myself on doing it really well, and I’m a stickler for grammar.

Campaign Concepts

I’m a writer with a creative head. I love developing channel agnostic ideas for brand or product campaigns. Tell me the problem, I’ll solve it with creative thinking.

Content Planning

If you want to grow your business, you need good content. If you need good content – you’ve guessed it – you need a plan! I love crafting content plans. We’ll look at your business objectives, and with relevant, authentic ideas; I’ll help you nail the plan you need.

Digital Marketing

I can write your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook posts and adverts so that you don’t have to. One-liners to grab in a nano-second, call to actions that stop those scrolling thumbs dead in their tracks, words that work. Let me help you find your super-fans.

Impeccable Proofreading

Hand me a pencil and a printout and I’m as happy as a clam. I relish a good proofread and provide swiftly-delivered error-free content. I’ve proofread a 25,000 word cycling guide, the last three iterations of the Las Iguanas menu – and a lot of rogue commas in between.

Ghost Writing

With your brand’s tone of voice, list of fav search terms and target customer deets in my armoury, I’ll craft content for you to publish under your name; or we can work on that book you want to write, but don’t know where to start. For the right projects, and the right people, ghost writing needn’t be a ghoulish thing.

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