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Creative Marketing Copywriting 


Hello, I’m Janine

I’m a creative marketing copywriter. 

“What’s one of those?” You may ask. Well, I’m a conceptual writer with a knack for coming up with campaign ideas, and I also provide blogging and editorial content.

I specialise in cycling and triathlon, but I’ve worked in marketing for 15 years – both brand- and agency-side – so I’m pretty versatile. 

Whether it’s a remote blogger or an in-house copy wonder you’re after, if you need great ideas and writing – it’s nice to meet you.

Creative thinking

A good writer gets top marks for grammar and syntax; a great writer is brimming with ideas, too. Almost all of my testimonials include the word ‘creative’ – I combine creativity with commercial experience to produce content that works.

Cycling & Triathlon 

When I’m not writing, I’m often swimming, cycling or running. So it’s easy to understand why I chose to specialise in writing about these subjects. I’ve written for lots of lovely cycling brands. Read more.


Everything Else


I’m a versatile writer; I’ve worked in multiple sectors from tea to travel since 2003. What can I write about for you? Read more.

Lovely Feedback

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“You write beautifully and have put my story together with such eloquence. Thank you.” Paula MacGuire – The Big, Mad Swim Around Britain

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“Janine is an amazingly energetic and creative person who is very driven and hard working and gets results.” Chris J Reed, CEO Black Marketing

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“Janine was a pleasure to work with. She ensures attention and brings creativity and flair to her projects”. Celia Pronto, Marketing Director STA Travel

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“Janine shaped our messaging and is great to work with and very creative”. Neil Thubron – Founder XNRG Multi-day Ultra Events

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